How Well Do You Know Your Italian Wedding Traditions? 

Getting engaged and married is considered to be a serious family affair in Italy. Not only are the parents of the bride and groom are deeply involved but also the whole extended family like distant cousins to cousins’ cousins’ cousins. For traditional families, the father might put a stop to an engagement when he sees that the lineage of the groom is tainted and not fit to make solid family ties with. A matchmaker or a masciata can also be present when the negotiations take place and preparations for the wedding starts when the bride accepts the proposal. When scheduling the date of the wedding, Lent and Advent are usually not considered to be auspicious dates and also the months of May and August which are pretty common in Bologna or Lucca or anywhere in Italy.

Why Playing Bingo is Considered to Bring Good Fortune

Lucky charms are considered to bring good vibes or ward off evil spirits. The groom is encouraged to bring a piece of iron or metal in his pocket to protect himself from bad elements or for example, in the game of bingo, BingoGodz players carry around lucky charms or special jewelry during a game. It could be anything from mini Russ troll keychains, rabbit’s foot or mystical gems. There are also lucky seats when you join a game in your local bingo hall and don’t be surprised when an agitated player asks you to get out of his or her “seat”. Some people also carry lucky coins during a game and coincidentally, it’s customary in Italy that the bride carries around a satin bag or la borsa where money gifts are guarded safely inside the bag by the bride’s grandmother. Weddings are truly a celebration of life and love and when you observe these traditions, you also pay your respects to your family and homeland as well.