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Italy is undoubtedly the world's most romantic location. What other country can boast of cities such as VENICE and FLORENCE or dramatic settings such as the RIVIERA, TUSCANY and the LAKE DISTRICT?

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Romantic Italian Wedding - Italian Wedding Traditions

Getting married in Italy is quite the joyous occasion! Like many other countries in the world, Italy holds age-old traditions very dear to the hearts of those residing in and carrying on Italy's cherished culture. Escape to the beautiful land of Italy for your ceremony and celebrate in style with intriguing Italian decorations and customs!

Anticipation of the Italian ceremony brings many charms of fortune, love and fidelity for the celebrating couple. The churches, town halls or villas often boast elaborately-tied ribbon atop the doorways to announce to all who enter. Someone here is tying the knot! The groom will often carry a piece of iron in his suit pocket on to ward off all evil eyes and although it would be appalling for a bride to damage her gown, ripping the veil is said to bring the couple fabulous luck in their new life together. Couples will also break a vase during or directly following their ceremony, as the remaining pieces represent the number of years the couple is expected to be married in happy union.

After the ceremony, the couple may choose to release doves into the open to show their love and affection for each other. Guests shower the couple with rice or paper confetti (to wish great fortune and money for the bride and groom) as they leave the church and instead of departing in a car decorated with tin cans and painted windows, family and friends adorn the vehicle with beautiful flowers and ribbons.

The reception following is where the majority of the Italian wedding traditions take place! Joy is had for all who attend a wedding reception in Italy, as the people here really know how to have fun! The traditional wedding dance, the Tarantella is usually performed as a group dance during the reception. The men who participate hold their jackets open to the side, an old custom rumored to have started out of respect for the dance to expose concealed weapons, as it is rude to dance carrying a weapon!

To raise funds, the groom will have his tie cut into pieces so he may sell each section to guests as a memento of their Italian wedding. The bride carries around a satin bag (la borsa) in her buste for guests to place gift checks for the couple, as it is tradition for the bride's family to help defray the cost of the splendid wedding. Nowadays, the groom's family often chips in, as well.

Center to the celebration is incredible feasts of fine Italian cuisine. There is antipasto, pickled peppers, olives and calamari. Some dishes symbolize good luck, such as bow ties (wanda), which are fried-dough twists covered in powered sugar. There are also sugar or chocolate-covered almonds that represent the bittersweet marriage of the newlyweds. Distributed in tulle bags, these are distributed in odd numbers (three is good luck with children, as five wishes wonderful fidelity, love and wealth). Of course, Italian wine is of the finest in the world, and will not disappoint those in attendance as they toast the couple in their new life together, solicit the sight of the bride and groom exchanging kisses and continue merriment and celebration well into the night!

Commemorate the Italian wedding traditions in your wedding in Italy! With so much amusement, involvement of those close to you and the respected customs of Italian culture, you will remember your ceremony for years to come!