Positano, located on the Amalfi Coast, in Campania, Italy, is a small, picturesque town that is a highly rated European destination for people across the world who wish to get married abroad. It is located along the side of a cliff and has pastel-shaded houses that give you the impression that they will collapse at any time. Dense Mediterranean vegetation surrounds this town and its numerous beaches and historic fishing port add to its beauty. All these provide an exceptional backdrop thus enriching such a once in a lifetime occasion like marriage.

Positano offers you a variety of venues to tie that all-important knot. The many venue choices include wedding halls, grand hotels and private villas. If you are looking to get married in a traditional, religious wedding ceremony, there may not be a lot of options better than the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta. This fabulous, ancient church, which overlooks the sea, is located on Positano’s main square. The amazing “majolica cupola” of this church, which is built around the year 1000, can be viewed from anywhere in the town.

If you are in search of a civil wedding hall to tie the knot, then the Town Hall of Positano provides you a grand and exceptional venue. Its astonishing terrace, which overlooks the gulf, enables you to have the pleasure of getting married in a dream venue on the Amalfi Coast. You can also find several grand hotels in this town that offers you an elegant and modern marriage setting. In addition, several private villa owners have started to make their villas available for wedding ceremonies giving you another fabulous choice as far as marriage venues are concerned.

One thing that can be assured if you are conducting your wedding ceremony in Positano is the magnificence and sheer beauty of your wedding photos. There are such a lot of astounding backdrops in this town that you will actually be spoiled for choice. From the majestic cathedral to the colorful and mind-boggling gardens in luxury villas, Positano is full of awe-inspiring backdrops. Positano is also a sought after destination for conducting receptions. This town allows you to make a choice according to your preferences. If you are on the look out for a restaurant that offers spectacular views of the ocean, you can find it here. You can also find treasured villa hotels that offer enticing food and tempting wine.

There are also hotels with exquisite gardens and nice views of the town waiting to make your reception a special one. The Amalfi Coast is famous for its food and receptions conducted on this coast leave a long-lasting mark on you and your beloved ones. You can also depend on Positano for sparkling wedding dresses. Positano has got a terrific collection wedding dresses that suit people of different personalities and social background. You can also consider Positano as a honeymoon destination. Including neighboring towns like Ravello and the isle of Capri in your honeymoon trip makes your honeymoon even more memorable.