Italian Lakes Weddings

Italian Lakes Weddings


DESTINATION WEDDINGS IN ITALIAN LAKES Imagine gliding across a pristine lake at sunset, surrounded by mountains tinged with the golden light of the setting sun. Your boat is strewn with flowers and there are flowers in your hair. You step onto shore, a light fog swirling playfully around your feet. Walking into a beautiful garden that stretches to the water’s edge, your long, white wedding dress rustles softly in the gentle breeze. As you gaze up at the magnificent 17th century villa set back from the water’s edge, your husband-to-be walks forward to greet you, a smile playing across his handsome face.

WEDDINGS IN THE LAKE DISTRICT The Lakes District of Italy turns storybook fantasies into dream weddings that you will cherish for a lifetime. A dream? A fantasy? This could be your reality if you choose to hold your wedding in the beautiful Lake District of Italy, near the Swiss border. Here you will find a series of beautiful, unspoiled lakes, their mirror-like surfaces reflecting the breath-taking mountain peaks that surround them, their crystal-pure waters lapping gently on garden paths leading to some of the most spectacular churches, monasteries, and fairytale castles you have ever dreamed of.
  • Your only problem will be choosing from among so many unique and magnificent sites for your nuptials. Possibly the most spectacular wedding site in the entire world is the gossamer-like 17th century church which juts out into Lake Orta on a small peninsula, almost like a scene from a Hollywood love story. The entire town around the breathtakingly-beautiful church was built in the 18th century and is filled with all of the intricate artwork that was popular at that time. There is nothing else like this anywhere on Earth.
  • Image you and your love strolling hand-in-hand down cobblestone streets as the fog plays gently at your feet and a magnificent villa rises up before you, awaiting only those two magical words…”I do,” to fulfill your every wedding dream.
  • If you are looking for pastoral charm, there is the village of Gardone Riviera, where you and your love will stroll past fragrant flower-filled gardens as you wind your way along the narrow cobblestone streets until finally, as if in a dream, you both climb hand-in-hand up an ancient marble staircase, past statues carved centuries ago, and into the magnificent wood-paneled wedding hall. Here you are surrounded by antiques, and the ceiling over your heads is filled with intricate hand-pained frescoes, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Or you can tie the knot in the fabulous villa Cernobbio on the shore of beautiful Lake Como. The villa’s tall towers rise from the mist like sentinels from an ancient romance novel. Your vows will be taken deep within a 17th century wedding hall, surrounded by ancient tapestries, Renaissance paintings, and genuine three-hundred-year-old antiques. And all the while you will be enthralled by a panoramic view of Lake Como that seems to go on to infinity.
  • On another shore of Lake Como you will find the ancient and magnificent Villa Bellagio, where you and your guests will be treated with the grace, style, and deference usually reserved for visiting royalty. Once your vows have been spoken, you and your guests will glide across the lake to a magnificent luxury hotel for a sumptuous feast with music and merrymaking until dawn.
  • You and your love will find yourself transported into the pages of your favorite storybook, where magic and romance seem to be all around you.
  • There truly is nothing in all the world to compare to the beauty, the serenity, and the old-world charm of the Lake District of Italy. You will feel as if you have stepped into the pages of a storybook the moment you enter this magical realm.
  • Weddings in Italy are surprisingly uncomplicated, especially for Non-Italians. There is no residency requirement, and if your paperwork is in order, getting everything arranged once you are in Italy is usually a matter of three to four working days. It is recommended, however, that you employ the services of a wedding planner who can make certain that all the documents are in order and that all of the venues are properly booked.
  • While it is possible for you to arrange for a Catholic ceremony in Italy, the arrangements for non-Italians to have a religious ceremony are somewhat complicated and time-consuming. It is recommended that you have a civil ceremony first, followed by a religious or symbolic ceremony of your choice. Many couples have a civil ceremony in the morning and follow it with a religious or symbolic ceremony the same afternoon.
  • Don’t just dream your storybook wedding…make it happen!
  • If you have always dreamed of a storybook wedding, there are few places in the world that can come closer to fulfilling your every fantasy than the Lakes District of Italy. Close your eyes and step into the Lakes District where your every dream can come true.

WEDDING LOCATIONS IN ITALY Find the most unique and unforgettable luxury wedding venues throughout Italy: castles, villas, palaces in the most stunning italian locations. If you’re not sure where to start or if there’s something specific you’d like to discuss, then please do get in touch.

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