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DESTINATION WEDDINGS IN SORRENTO A charming town located atop dramatic steep cliffs, Sorrento offers a stunning view of the Bay of Naples. Sorrento lies on a tufa terrace and limestone mountains surround the city. One of the most sought after locations in Italy for destination weddings, this coastal gem offers breathtaking sunsets, picturesque ocean views and the fragrances of orange and lemon orchards.

WEDDINGS IN SORRENTO This is the land of the mythical Mermaids, whose sweet, irresistible singing tempted Ulysses and his crew in the Odyssey. This is the place where the Roman emperors liked to spend their summer vacations and where they built their seaside villas. Augustus, Agrippa and Antonius all had magnificent residences in this area.
  • The famous Italian poet Torquato Tasso, whose masterpiece La Gerusalemme Liberata is a classic of the Italian literature, was born here in 1544.
  • Byron, Keats, Goethe, Wagner, to name just a few, came to Sorrento, la terra dell’amore, looking for sun and ispiration.
  • Enrico Caruso, the celebrated 19th century Neapolitan tenor who reigned over the Metropolitan Opera for eighteen years, loved to come here. You can find in town a very unique and excellent restaurant that hosts a small museum with all his memorabilia.
  • Sorrento and the Amalfi coast are well known for large, magnificent citrus. A variety of goods are produced with these limoni, such as Limoncello, a flavorful lemon liqueur, lemon chocolate and lemon soap. The local museum and the monastery feature fragrant orange groves that draw visitors from around the world, and the town is well-known for its hand-crafted inlaid wood furniture, music boxes and artifacts.
  • Sorrento is also very popular because it is a launching point to other prominent sites. The island of Capri is only about 5 km away and can be easily accessed from the Harbor Marina Piccola. Ischia and Procida can be seen on clear days, and can also be reached quickly by boat. Pompeii and Herculaneum can be reached by rail in about thirty minutes and Naples is about one hour away.
  • In the heart of Sorrento, you will come across a small street called Via S. Cesareo filled with quaint stores. Residents and visitors love to shop in the local boutiques that feature handmade works of art and one of-a-kind relics. There is also a weekly market each Tuesday with great bargains.
  • Beautiful gardens are scattered throughout the town and many hotels feature private beaches.
  • Sorrento is an ideal place for a marriage ceremony. It offers everything, from spectacular views to delectable foods in a true Italian tempo: Torna a Surriento!
  • Sorrento has been for centuries one of the Amalfi Coast most favored destinations. Weddings in Sorrento will take advantage of the incredible ocean view palaces and villas available for your reception while the Sorrento wedding halls offer two unique and intimate options, one of which is a former monastery cloister! Catholic weddings are not possible in Sorrento but minutes away there are some unforgettable Catholic churches in Amalfi, Positano and Ravello.
  • Sant'Agnello, part of the Sorrento suburb is one of our other favorite Sorrento wedding destinations, the wedding hall here is a very elegant Palazzo with lovely interiors and just a few minutes from the beaches.

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