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DESTINATION WEDDINGS IN PUGLIA Puglia, in southern Italy, has known many rulers throughout its long history, and is a fascinating part of the country. Your wedding in Puglia is a chance to discover more of this diverse region. Puglia is a geographically diverse region, with an extended coastline, unspoiled beaches, mountains and forests. Each ruling power has left its mark on the region. Norman cathedrals, Swabian castles and fortified Roman towns are all common sights in Puglia. This region is a lovely part of Italy, highly recommended for a destination wedding.

WEDDINGS IN PUGLIA Puglia or Apulia, also called ‘the boot heel of Italy’offers unimaginable, enchanting scenarios for a traditional Southern Italian marriage ceremony.
  • Puglia is a large fertile region situated in the extreme southeastern part of the italic peninsula and it is kissed by the hot sun of the Mediterranean Sea for many months a year. It has a long coastline facing The Adriatic Sea to the north and The Ionian Sea to the south. You will be amazed by the incredible beauty of every corner of this region, starting with iridescent sunsets and ending up with dawns variegated by light shades which blend with the deep blue of the sea.
  • Puglia is essentially a flat region with wide expanses, terraces and tablelands. The Murgia Highland and the coast present impressive formations, which reflect the wild and ancestral side of these territories. The coasts are essentially high and in the dreamlike Gargano district they plunge steep into the sea. The climate is typically Mediterranean: mild winters, hot and long summers.
  • In its sprawling Tavoliere Plain much of Italy's wheat and other grains are grown; besides, there are hundreds of marvelous olive groves and citrus orchards, which look so beautiful that even locals define them as ‘heavenly gardens’. These typical products coming from the regional agriculture characterize the whole Pugliese cooking, which is especially genuine and tasty also thanks to its savory aromatic herbs and spices. In Apulia you will have the chance to discover ancient tastes of a cuisine that successfully blends earth and sea flavors, and therefore it is able to offer true gastronomical masterpieces. A wedding reception in Apuglia is sure to be a feast for all the senses!
  • Bari is the chief town of the region, while Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce and Taranto are the capitals of the respective remaining provinces. In Bari people say: "If Paris was by the sea, it would be like a small Bari". By choosing to spend your wedding in Apulia you will surely get the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauties of the region, but above all you will experience the hospitality and spontaneity of its people.
  • The region is well supplied with roads, highways and railways connecting nearly all parts of the region to the center and north of Italy. If you will decide to tie the knot in Apulia, than you will easily reach the other regions of the peninsula and enjoy a magical honeymoon. There are two major airports in Bari and Brindisi which will help you to move from one place to another, and you will also have two main ports at your disposal, one in Taranto and one in Brindisi.
  • If you are looking for something particularly fascinating, abounding with artistic and historical sites, but at the same time totally different from other known places, than Pugliais a wonderful area to consider: The perfect setting for the most significant day of your new life together.
  • This region offers a wide range of highly atmospheric castles, military fortresses, and a host of fascinating cathedrals in Romanesque and Baroque style. You just have to choose one of these wonderful settings for a dreamlike wedding, and for one day you will be part of Italy’s ancient history!
  • Apulia also has its own architectural current called Barocco Leccese, characterized by extremely ornate carvings that cover the entire surface of churches and palaces: Its apex is reached in the delightful little city of Lecce, a lovely destination for all those couples who are fond of architectural virtuosity. A gleaming necklace of lively fishing villages outlines Apulia’s coasts, facing some of the cleanest beaches and water in the Mediterranean.
  • Last but not least there is one other worthy attraction that you will see only in this region, and that is Trulli: Whitewashed cone-like constructions made of stones held together without mortar are visible in almost every wheat field and olive grove, where they serve as miniature barns. They are at their most picturesque when clustered together in hundreds to form a town. The most famous one is Alberobello, such a wonderful site for memorable wedding photographs.
  • Puglia is a great historical territory and multi faceted. Come to Puglia to celebrate your Italian destination wedding!

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