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DESTINATION WEDDINGS IN UMBRIA An irresistible land of rich, green valleys, elegant architecture and extraordinary art await a couple's amazement when they decide to get married in Umbria. Such a unique location, Umbria will leave you speechless as you embark on its scenic landscapes, dine on fine Italian cuisine and celebrate your ceremony in this enchanting Italian region.

WEDDINGS IN UMBRIA What's more perfect than a destination that offers so many different atmospheres? Umbria has just that for guests looking to explore nature and truly enjoy all of the enchanting forest hills, neighboring mountains and bustling city's that have a medieval ambiance that will take you back to the early 17th century.
  • Bevanga houses the 17th century Palazzo Lepri. This is a popular tourist attraction, as it has the Piazza Garibaldi as well as one of the most breathtaking squares in Umbria, Piazza Filippo Silvestri. Be sure to visit the Roman Baths and partake in the rich art and history that this main city in Umbria has to offer. Here, you will also find the gorgeous Town hall, nestled in the charming, 17th century Palazzo Lepri. This intimate location is perfect for your civil ceremony.
  • There are some very excellent churches for a Catholic Wedding in Umbria! The Church of St. Silvestro at Bevanga, built in the late 12th century, boasts Roman architecture that will make one of the most important days of your life extremely special. Celebrate your religious rites here in the presence of hand-crafted animal sculptures, tall, majestic ceilings, and columned hallways.
  • Nestled in Nearby Mount Subasio is ancient Assisi, with its charming ambiance and stunning architecture. Here, couples may choose to get married in Umbria in a religions ceremony at the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels. This grandiose, white building has stunning architecture and statues, and impressive Minerva alter inside and a golden figure of the mother Mary atop the building to protect all those who enter the sacred structure. It's not wonder Assisi is considered "The City of Peace"!
  • Have a romantic civil ceremony in Assisi's Wedding Hall! This quiet, intimate venue offers visitors a stunning view of Umbria's most breathtaking countrysides. The surrounding views, mideavil folklore and welcoming environment will impress you and your guests, as you exchange your vows in Assisi's enchanting environs.
  • Outside any of Umbria's towns (including Perugia, Cascia and Magerone), you will find many luxurious villas and gardens in which to have your Protestant Wedding in Italy. Often, these venues offer a splendid ceremony in lush gardens brimming with colorful flowers and old stone buildings that will send you back to early 17th century Italy. Not only are these the perfect location for a beautiful ceremony, but a marvelous location to celebrate your Umbria reception as well!
  • Partake in the delicious Italian feasts, as Umbria cuisine is some of the finest in the country. As it is sandwiched between Tuscany and Lazio, this particular region has managed to conserve simplicity. The residents here take pride in their most traditional foods, such as rich olive oil, hearty lamb and scrumptious wines. You will be serenaded with conventional Italian music to dance to, and enjoy time-honored customs, like the breaking of the vase, or Tarentela dance.
  • A wedding in Umbria is sure go down in history as one of the best celebrations in your lifetime. What a great way to start your new lives together! Surround yourself with friends and family, and create a dream that has been years in the making!

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