Civil Weddings in Santa Margherita

Civil Weddings in Santa Margherita


DESTINATION WEDDINGS IN SANTA MARGHERITA By far our favorite destination for couples wanting to marry in the Italian Riviera, St. Margherita, on the luxurious Portofino coast has just about everything! From here you can explore the romantic Cinque Terre or arrange for a boat excursion to Portovenere and the island of San Fruttuoso. Palm trees, an attractive marina and lovely cafes to relax in are all part of the special ambiance of this beautiful resort.

WEDDINGS IN SANTA MARGHERITA St. Margherita offers one of the finest Cathedrals for Catholic weddings (with sea views of course!) and what we consider one of the 3 best wedding halls in the country; a 17th century villa/museum with huge park right on the ocean.
  • The villa is available for receptions also. Everything is of the highest standard including the superb Palace hotels for a possible reception. Sip your cocktail on a terrace watching the sun go down as you toast your newly celebrated wedding; few locations can vie with the elegance and beauty of this small stretch of coastland.
  • Portofino, the top resort is within walking distance and we can arrange for a private boat to take you and your guests on an exploration of the villages and islands enjoying local delicacies and champagne. Come to St. Margherita for your wedding; it will be sure to be unforgettable!

WEDDING LOCATIONS IN ITALY Find the most unique and unforgettable luxury wedding venues throughout Italy: castles, villas, palaces in the most stunning italian locations. If you’re not sure where to start or if there’s something specific you’d like to discuss, then please do get in touch.

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